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How to Change Your Name After Marriage in Kentucky

Changing My Name After Marriage in Kentucky

Marriages often result in one partner changing their name; in most cases, taking their spouse's name. However, a change of name is typically a new identity for such persons, and this change will occur on the local, state, and federal databases.

Kentucky allows interested individuals to change their names for different reasons. Processing a change of name after marriage in the state involves procedures that the spouse changing his/her name must complete. For instance, a significant step to process a name change after marriage is obtaining a marriage certificate from the state Department for Public Health. The name the partner changes to must be entered on the couple's marriage certificate. Besides facilitating name change requests, Kentucky marriage records may be used to validate legal claims on the basis of the requestor’s new marital status. Hence, interested and eligible persons must query their local repositories or court custodians for copies of these records.

How to Change Your Name After Marriage in Kentucky

The first step in changing your name after marriage in Kentucky is obtaining a marriage license. To obtain this, individuals can visit the county clerk's office and fill out an application form. The requirements for obtaining a marriage license may differ by county, but most require a valid identity document.

The fee for a marriage license may also vary among different counties, but it may range from $35 to $50. Some county clerks may have an online platform to request a license. Therefore, it is advisable to check the website of the office of the clerk for such online platforms and specific requirements for the change of name process.

However, interested persons should note that this method of name change only applies if a party wishes to change a middle or last name to a spouse's own or combine names. Other forms of name changes after marriage will have to be done through the court system.

Upon successfully changing the name on a marriage certificate, individuals must also reflect this new name on other documents, including social security cards, driver's license, and bank accounts.

How to Update Your Social Security Card in Kentucky

Spouses that change their names after marriage in Kentucky must update their social security cards at the local Social Security office. To obtain a corrected social security card, interested persons can follow these steps:

  • Gather the required documents that confirm U.S. citizenship, marriage, age, and identity. Such documents include a U.S. passport, birth certificate, marriage license, driver's license, and other accepted identification cards. Applicants can check out the Learn What Documents You Need page for more information.
  • Download the Application for a Social Security Card form, fill in the necessary details, and print the document.
  • Lastly, mail the original or certified copies of the application form and other required documents to a local Social Security office.

The process of updating a social security card is free. More information is available on the FAQs page. Likewise, interested persons can call the agency's national helpline at (800) 772-1213.

How to Get a New Driver's License in Kentucky

Changes made to a name in Kentucky must also occur on the person's driver's license. Upon a name change, motorists must inform the Kentucky Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) within ten days. However, a prerequisite to getting an updated license is a new social security card issued by the Social Security Administration (SSA). After updating with the SSA, proceed to any DMV office location in person with the following requirements:

  • The document showing the proof of name change (such as marriage certificate or court order)
  • The new social security card
  • Old driver's license
  • Proof of Kentucky residency. Any circuit court located in the motorist's county of residence can provide this.

The Kentucky Driver Licensing Regional Offices are responsible for issuing new licenses. However, some county circuit clerk offices still provide driver licensing services. Interested motorists can check the DMV circuit clerks page to confirm if the circuit court in their county of residence offers such services. A fee of $12 applies for a duplicate driver's license in the state.

How to Update Your Insurance Information in Kentucky

The Kentucky Department of Insurance regulates the provision of insurance in the state, including health insurance, automobile insurance, life insurance, property insurance, and unemployment insurance.

Generally, changing certain information such as an individual's name or address requires persons to update their insurance information as soon as possible. Individuals can update insurance information with their insurance service providers. The process usually involves filling an application form to update the necessary information and submitting required documents as proof, such as a marriage certificate or a court order.

Where Do I Go to Change My Last Name in Kentucky?

Individuals can change their last names in Kentucky by filing a Petition for Name Change in the circuit court located within their county of residence. Below is the process of changing last names:

  • Visit the circuit clerk's office to obtain the Petition for Name Change and complete it with the necessary details. The court requires applicants to fill the form online. Follow the instructions available on the form and make two copies upon completion.
  • Notarize the petition with a notary public, usually found in the clerk's office and government agencies. This may cost a small fee.
  • File copies of the petition in the appropriate courthouse. Filing fees may apply and may vary among different county courthouses. The court may schedule a hearing.

If the court schedules a hearing, attend it if compulsory. Usually, the purpose of the hearing is to confirm the name change request before a judge enters the order.

After changing the last name, an applicant must request certified copies. Furthermore, the party must update some other documents, including a social security card and driver's license.

How to Update Information with Kentucky Mortgage and Utility Companies

Persons who wish to update the name on a mortgage in Kentucky can contact the county clerk in the county of the property's location. The county clerk is responsible for maintaining land records and will provide any specific procedure the state requires to update such information.

Generally, the individual must reach out to the mortgage company and request information about changing the name on the mortgage. The company may request proof of name change such as a marriage license or a court order that bears the new name. The company may also provide a form that can be completed at the office or online.

Utility companies that provide particular services, including water, electricity, telephone, and other related providers, also require their consumers to update their information upon changing their names or other vital details. An interested person can contact the utility company for guidelines on updating such information.

What Documents Do I Need to Change My Name after Marriage?

Partners that intend to change their names after marriage must have the following documents to complete the process:

  • Marriage license obtained from the county clerk
  • Certified copies of the marriage license
  • Old identity documents that have their former names, such as a birth certificate or U.S. passport
  • An updated social security card

Typically, individuals that change their name after marriage must endeavor to reflect the change on other important documents, including a driver's license and real property title.

How to Get Certified Copies of Your Marriage License in Kentucky

The Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics maintains a record of marriage licenses that date back to June 1958. The Office of Vital Statistics receives applications from persons who wish to obtain certified copies of their Kentucky marriage licenses. However, such inquirers must fulfill the OVS requirements and pay a non-refundable search fee. To get certified copies of a marriage license, the information needed includes:

  • The full name of each spouse
  • The day, month, and year of the event
  • The county that issued the marriage license

Requesters are to include these details in a written application that must also contain information like:

  • The full name of the requester and mailing address
  • A phone number that the agency can contact from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • The number of certified copies required.

Requesters can enclose the search fee with the application in the form of a money order or check made to the Kentucky State Treasurer. The application should be mailed to the OVS address:

Office of Vital Statistics
275 East Main Street, 1E-A
Frankfort, KY 40621

Persons with inquiries can call the office's phone line at (502) 564-4212 during business hours to get more information about the process.

For certified copies of the Kentucky marriage licenses before June 1958, requesters can contact the county clerk that issued the marriage license.

How to Get a New Passport in Kentucky

The U.S. Department of State is responsible for issuing new passports nationwide. The process of updating a U.S. passport may depend on how old the passport document is. Travel documents required to update a passport include:

  • A U.S. passport application form
  • Current U.S. passport
  • A certified name change document (Court order or marriage license)
  • One colored passport photograph

Applicants should note that different application forms apply for each person's situation. The Form DS-5504 applies to persons updating their passports less than a year after the issuance of the current one. Applicants requesting an update for a passport issued over a year must use Form DS-82. The U.S Passport Name Change page provides more information on determining the correct application form to use.

It typically takes between ten to twelve weeks to obtain a new passport using the normal service. However, applicants can expedite their requests to receive it in a shorter period by paying an extra $60. More information can be gotten from the Department of State's travel site.

How to Change your Name on Bank Accounts in Kentucky

After a successful change of name in Kentucky, the new name should also be updated with financial institutions. Before this, such individuals must ensure they have a new social security card, driver's license, and the update must also reflect on other identity documents.

Interested persons can contact or visit their local bank branch to inform them of the name change and request an update to their bank accounts. The bank representative will mention the requirements needed for this process, including a new social security card and proof of a name change, such as a marriage license or court order.

Typically, the bank will provide a form that the account owner can fill and submit to request a name change. Other specific requirements, as stated by the representative, must also be submitted alongside the form.

Upon successfully changing the account name, the owner can also request a new credit card, debit card, and checkbook. The bank form may also provide this option so that an account update automatically comes with new cards and checkbooks. Other billing information and continuous subscriptions can also be reviewed either via a service provider or the bank.

How Long Does it Take to Change Your Name in Kentucky After Marriage?

The time it takes to successfully process a name change in Kentucky after marriage varies among different applicants and depends on the method used to effect the change. Typically, it may take longer for a name change via the court system than getting it via a marriage license. Generally, this period ranges from some days to a few weeks.

How Long Does it Take to Change Your Name in Kentucky?

A change of name in Kentucky must also reflect on other government databases in the state. While the time it takes to effect this change may vary across different agencies, some have specific time-bound requirements and prerequisites that must be completed before a name change request is granted. For instance, most agencies require a new social security card and an updated driver's license before processing a name change.



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